UPDATE: Lots of Paulton Wolves cards added

PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 MarsonMy grateful thanks go to Nigel Heath who has supplied me with no fewer than NINETEEN scans of the set of black and white printed back cards. I’ll let him tell the story…

“I’m not a collector. My grandfather (1895-1962) came from Codsall, 5 miles NW of Wolverhampton. In the 1920s he worked at Bakers Nurseries, probably the biggest employer in the village, which was owned by James Stanley Baker who became a director of the Wolves
in 1923 and is pictured at the bottom of the Chairman and Directors card in this set. Baker became the club Chairman in 1944, probably until his death in early 1963 so he was there through the club’s most successful period of the mid 50s to early 60s. My grandfather was a lifelong Wolves supporter. After his death I remembered these cards and wondered about contacting Wolves to date them but didn’t ever get round to it and they went back into a drawer until I recently found them again and with the internet was able to gather the info from websites such as yours.”

Click the image above to see the now almost complete set of these cards. 🙂


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