“The Football and Sports Favourite”

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“The Football Favourite” was a weekly newspaper with a predominantly football content. First published on  4th September 1920 it ran to 35 issues until 30th April 1921; thereafter it then rebranded as “The Football and Sports Favourite” running from 7th May 1921 to 30th March 1929 (Nos. 36-447), a total of 44 issues all told.

Amalgamated Press were seemingly trying two different football formats at the same time with “Football Favourite” and “Sports for Boys” (20th October 1920 until 21st April 1921) perhaps to see which worked the better and to find competition for the successful “Topical Times” which was published by D.C. Thomson. They ultimately came up with the winning and much more long lived “Sports Budget”.

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