“Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (b&w) and plain back (b&w)” (Paulton)

Year of issue: c1930
Issued by: A.H. Paulton
Trade reference number(s): PAU-040-13-1 / PCC-1 (Plain back set = PAU-040-13-2 / PCC-1)
Number of cards in each set: 36
Size: approximately 85mm x 37mm but very much variable
Approximate value (per card): Murrays – unlisted; FCCM ??

Two almost identical sets here which are really rare cards which fetch very high prices too. Produced locally they feature the players and officials of the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. I have put the two sets together because the same pictures are used in both sets and are identical to the ones used for the 1923-24 set although many players had moved on by 1930 which makes this date look more than just a little uncertain. Cards are unnumbered and whilst the plain back set are just that, the other set all feature the same printed back; they are arranged – and listed – here alphabetically.

PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Baugh     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Caddick     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Carter     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Crewe     PAU-040-07-1 PCC-1 Davies     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Davison     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Edmonds     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Edwards     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Fazackerley     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 George     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Getgood     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Gregory     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Hampton     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Harrington      PAU-040-07-1 PCC-1 Holley      PAU-040-07-1 PCC-1 Hoskins     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Imbery      PAU-040-07-1 PCC-1 Jobey     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Kay     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Lees     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Legge     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 McMillan     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Marshall     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Marson     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Martin     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Phillipson      PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Picken     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Pickering     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Price     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Shaw     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Southan     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Spencer     PAU-040-13-1 PCC-1 Watson     PAU-040-07-1 PCC-1 Directors     PAU-040-07-1 PCC-1 back

  • R. Baugh
  • W. Caddick
  • E.T. Carter
  • W. Crewe
  • J.H. Davies (Assistant Trainer)
  • J.R. Davison
  • G. Edmonds
  • C.J. Edwards
  • S. Fazackerley
  • N. George
  • G. Getgood
  • Val Gregory
  • J.W. Hampton
  • J. Harrington
  • George Holley (Trainer)
  • A.B. Hoskins (Secretary)
  • F.L. Imbery
  • G. Jobey (Manager)
  • A.E. Kay
  • H.H. Lees
  • A.E. Legge
  • S.T. McMillan
  • G. Marshall
  • F. Marson
  • J.C. Martin
  • J.P. O’Connor
  • Tom Phillipson
  • A.H. Picken
  • F.G. Pickering
  • C.H. Price
  • H. Shaw
  • G. Southan
  • A.R. Spencer
  • G.B. Waddell
  • E. Watson
  • DIRECTORS: F.T. Holling Esq. (Director), T.W. Simpson Esq. (Director), E. Barker Esq. (Chairman), A.H. Oakley Esq. (Vice Chairman), J.S. Baker Esq. (Director), H. Mills Esq. (Director)

The cards themselves could be stored in the album below (pictures courtesy of Alan Jenkins’ website HERE)

23-24 Paulton - Wolverhampton Wanderers -album123-24 Paulton - Wolverhampton Wanderers -album223-24 Paulton - Wolverhampton Wanderers -album3

Paulton binder inner

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