“The Boys’ Realm”

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“The Boys’ Realm” was a story paper, published by The Amalgamated Press. It was first published on 14th June 1902 and ran until 9th February 1929 for a total of 1235 issues. The initial run was from 14th June 1902 to 25th March 1916 for a total of 721 issues and then had a three year break, presumably due to wartime paper shortage. It resumed publication on 5th April 1919 until 16th July 1927 when it underwent a name change to “The Boys’ Realm of Sport and Adventure”. This continued until 26th January 1929 when it had a final name change for two issues to “The Boys’ Realm of Fun and Fiction”. On 16th February 1929 it became “The Realm of Fun and Fiction”. A popular boys’ story paper companion to “The Boys’ Friend” and “The Boys’ Herald” with many of the same authors, it also had a spin-off companion paper, “The Boys’ Realm Football (and Sports) Library” which ran from 1909 – 1915 for a total of 299 issues.

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