J.C. Battock

J.C. Battock was an importer and manufacturing confectioners’ agent operating out of 5 Finsbury Square, London, E.C.2  in the early 1920s.  In exchange for the football cards that they distributed they offered footballs and jerseys (shirts) – not produced by themselves – and also sold advertising cards to be collected and exchanged for other goods. As far as I can ascertain, they produced three distinct sets:

By April 16th 1931 they had relocated to 12 Carey Street, Vincent Square, Westminster, London, SW1, as can clearly be seen on this ultra rare invoice/receipt that I picked up on eBay in May 2021.1931 BATTOCK receiptIt is undoubtedly the same company as the typeface is identical to that on the backs of some of the first series cards.BEV-1-2 BAT-200 BATTOCK back 2

In this instance “Dr.” does not stand for “Doctor” – it means “Debit” and it is money owed. It’s a billing term that is used often. I believe that K. Pellant of 64 Montague Street, Worthing, was a Sussex chocolatier.