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“Chums” was a long running British story paper for boys originally published from 1892 until January 1927 by Cassell & Company based at Ludgate Hill, London, but from February 1927 until 1941 it was published by The Amalgamated Press. It was published weekly until 1932, then monthly from 1932 to 1934 then from 1935, running for a total of 2101 issues. During its run it incorporated “New Boys’ World” on 6th April 1907 and merged with “Modern Boy” in 1932, although monthly compilations and annuals continued to be published until 1941. Mainly an Adventure based magazine, it boasted such authors as G.A. Henty and P.G. Wodehouse amongst its contributors. It is probably most famous for first publishing “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1894.

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