“Football Action Caricatures” (Barratt)

Year of issue: 1928
Issued by: Barratt & Co. Ltd.
Trade reference number(s): BAR-450 / BAR-47
Number of cards in set: 12
Size: 61mm x 35mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £27.00; FCCM £35.00

Another rare, unnumbered set issued by Barratt Confectionery in the 1920s, these cards have the same back, namely “Barratt’s Sweets Are Pure”. As these cards are unnumbered I will simply present them here in alphabetical order. Quality is a bit rough with some of them too…

BAR-450 BAR-47 Baker   BAR-450 BAR-47 Butler   BAR-450 BAR-47 Chandler   BAR-450 BAR-47 Dean   BAR-450 BAR-47 Fort   BAR-450 BAR-47 Hardy   BAR-450 BAR-47 Hill   BAR-450 BAR-47 Ruffell   BAR-450 BAR-47 Williams   BAR-450 BAR-47 back

  • A. Baker (Arsenal)
  • W. Butler (Bolton Wanderers)
  • A. Chandler (Leicester City)
  • D. Dean (Everton)
  • J. Fort (Millwall)
  • J. Hacking (Oldham Athletic)
  • W. Hardy (Cardiff City)
  • J. Hill (Newcastle United)
  • S. Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers)
  • J. Ruffell (West Ham United)
  • F. Tunstall (Sheffield United)
  • O. Williams (Middlesbrough)

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