“Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (b&w – biographical back)” (Paulton)

Year of issue: 1927-28
Issued by: A.H. Paulton
Trade reference number(s): PAU-040-10-2
Number of cards in set: 30
Size: 75mm x 37mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays – unlisted; FCCM £25.00

These are really rare cards which fetch very high prices too. Produced locally they feature the players and officials of the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club in 1927/28. Cards are unnumbered but had different backs with individual player biographical details. They are listed here alphabetically.

PAU-040-10-2 Bowen   PAU-040-10-2 Bowen back   PAU-040-10-2 Keeling   PAU-040-10-2 Keeling back

In the absence of any further images I came across this one on the internet but it isn’t worth trying to enlarge individual cards as they will be almost illegible if I do.

PAU-040-10-2 18 cards

  • J. Baker
  • T. Baxter
  • L. Botto
  • T. Bowen
  • A. Canavon
  • W. Chadwick
  • S. Charnley
  • D. Cock
  • A. Dee
  • V. Fox
  • N. George
  • F. Green
  • J. Harrington
  • F. Higham
  • R.H. Hollingworth
  • A. Kay
  • H. Keeling
  • A. Latham
  • A. Legge
  • T. Phillipson
  • T. Pritchard
  • D. Richards
  • W. Richards
  • W. Rotton
  • H. Shaw
  • E. Watson
  • R. Weaver
  • W. Weaver
  • L. Williams
  • W.J. Williams

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