“Transfers of Footballers” (Boys’ Magazine)

Year of issue: 1927-28
Issued by: “Boys’ Magazine” (E. Hulton & Co. Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): BOY-590 / BPM-8
Number of cards in set: 12
Size: L (approx. 62mm x 78mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM £50.00

These small blocks of transfers were issued over the end of 1927 and into the new year of 1928. They are very, very rare indeed as the vast majority would have been used.

Transfers 1  Transfers 2   Transfers 3  BOY-590 BPM-8 BOYS MAG transfer Transfers 5  Transfers 6  Transfers 7  Transfers 8  Transfers 9  Transfers 10  Transfers 11  Transfers 12

I am grateful to Alan Jenkins for the majority of the publication dates of these transfers; I actually have the three Huddersfield Town blocks together with the original papers that they came in. Names are organised as if you were looking left to right at the printed transfer.

  • J. Dimmock, W.E. Rawlings, A. Jackson, H. Ferguson – issue #295, dated 29th October, 1927
  • V. Gibbins, H. Chambers, D. Halliday, W.H. Walker – issue #296, dated 5th November, 1927
  • C. Wilson, W.R. Dean, J. Trotter, A. Wilson – issue #297, dated 12th November, 1927
  • E. Phillipson, J. Dawson, W. Gillespie, E. Beecham – issue #298, dated 19th November, 1927
  • G. Camsell, F. Osborne, C. Stephenson, P. Cherrett – issue #299, dated 26th November, 1927
  • C. Buchan, R. Kelly, J. McMullan, A. Chandler – issue #300, dated 3rd December, 1927
  • L. Davies, H. Gallacher, F. M’Pherson, W. Williams – issue #301, dated 10th December, 1927
  • S.M. Bishop, W. Barratt, T.H. Jennings, F. Tunstall – issue #302, dated 17th December, 1927
  • G.S. Seymour, S.C. Puddefoot, R. Parker, J. Townrow – issue #303, dated 24th December, 1927
  • J.H. Hill, J. Brain, A. Cunningham, D.H. Morris – issue #304, dated 31st December, 1927
  • R.H. Pym, J. Bradford, J.F.A. Collins, A.G. Bower – issue #305, dated 7th January, 1928
  • E. Harper, J.W. Spence, A. Morton, J. Tonner – issue #306, dated 14th January, 1928

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