“Supplement to The Daily News Football Annual 1925-26”

Year of issue: 1925-26
Issued by: The Daily News
Trade reference number(s): none
Number of cards in set: 1 sheet
Size: approximately 190mm x 500mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays – uncatalogued; FCCM – uncatalogued

A beautiful double-sided sheet featuring a multitude of famous players on eth front and six prominent teams on the back. Very rarely found complete, both the players and the teams often appear as cut-outs.1925 DAILY NEWS Supplement1925 DAILY NEWS Supplement back

1925-26 Daily News Football Annual supplement – Front

  • England Badge
  • Scotland Badge
  • D. Brown (Darlington)
  • James (W. Bromwich)
  • A.G. Bower (Corinthians)
  • Elkes (Tottenham)
  • A.M.P. Sloan (L. Caledonians)
  • V.W. Gibbins (Clapton)
  • F.H. Ewer (The Casuals)
  • N.W. Beeson (Capt. Old Malvernians)
  • J.C. Clegg (President, F.A.)
  • W. Gillespie (Capt. Sheffield Utd.)
  • J. Blair (Capt. Cardiff City)
  • Tunstall (Sheffield Utd.)
  • T.E. Cook (Brighton & Hove)
  • Parker (Southampton)
  • Rollo (Blackburn R.)
  • Russell (Plymouth A.)
  • Whitton (Chelsea)
  • Bedford (Blackpool)
  • S. Puddefoot (Blackburn R.)
  • Baker (Chelsea)
  • Wales Badge
  • Ireland Badge

1925-26 Daily News Football Annual supplement – Back

  • Huddersfield Town (1st Division Champions)
  • Leicester City F.C. (2nd Division Champions)
  • Sheffield United (FA Cup Finalists)
  • Cardiff City (FA Cup Finalists)
  • Scottish Team v England, 1925
  • English Team v Scotland, 1925