“Star Footballers of 1925” (Adventure)

Year of issue: 1925
Issued by: “Adventure” (D.C. Thomson)
Trade reference number(s): none
Number of cards in set: –
Size: approximately 93mm x 125mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM unlisted

The second booklet of three was issued with “Adventure” on 24th January, 1925, issue #176. Although it says “Part 2” on the cover, the other booklets issued over the preceding and following week were called “The Cup Fighters of 1925” and “Great Players of To-Day”. And although it is not a set of cards per se, I include this booklet (and others) because these pictures nevertheless turn up cut to single ‘plates’ and are offered for sale at ridiculous prices. I was lucky – I bought a complete booklet in lovely condition for about £7 on eBay a few years ago – bargain!