“Sportsmen” (Crescent)

Year of issue: 1928
Issued by: Crescent Confectionery Co. Ltd.
Trade reference number(s): CRE-100 / CRM-3
Number of cards in set: 100 (not all footballers)
Size: approximately 38mm x 61mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £40.00; FCCM £85.00-£125.00

At the moment it is not clear just how many footballers there are in this set, but I have done some digging and have positively identified the following. You can see the list of some of the non-football cards in the set by visiting Alan Jenkins‘ website HERE. All cards have a plain back and can be positively dated to no earlier than 1928 as Billy Hartill (card 36) was at Wolves between 1928 and 1935.

Note: On 11th October 2020 Paul Briers contacted me with details of a heretofore unrecorded card of 49. H. Lawson (Brentford) which was up for auction at Loddon Auctions with an auctioneer’s estimate of just £30-£50; it sold for an astonishing £550.00!!

1928 CRE-100 CRM-3 James Arsenal     CRESCENT Cringan     CRESCENT 7 Seddon     McIntyre     Edwards     1928 CRESCENT CRE-100-CRM-3 Weddle     Watson     Hufton     CRE-100 CRM-3 Lindon     Hartill     Keenor     1928 CRE-100 CRM-3 Kennedy Reading     1928 CRE-100 CRM-3 Harkness Midlothian     CRE-100 CRM-3 Lawson Brentford

  1.  E.A. Hart (Leeds United)
  2.  Alec. James (Arsenal)
  3.  Jack Carr (Blackpool)
  4.  ??
  5.  R. Cringan (Birmingham)
  6.  Cyril (sic) Bastin (Arsenal)
  7.  J. Seddon (Bolton Wanderers)
  8.  F. Kean (Bolton Wanderers)
  9.  Geo. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
  10.  J. Priestley (Grimsby Town)
  11.  Hugh Gallacher (Chelsea)
  12.  T. Law (Chelsea)
  13.  A. Chandler (Leicester City)
  14.  J. McIntyre (Derby County)
  15.  W. Edwards (Leeds United)
  16.  J. Mackie (Portsmouth)
  17.  J. Weddle (Portsmouth)
  18.  T.G. Bromilow (Liverpool)
  19.  S.C. Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers)
  20.  J. Silcock (Manchester United)
  21.  ??
  22.  ??
  23.  ??
  24.  ??
  25.  W. Clunas (Sunderland)
  26.  J. McMullan (Manchester City)
  27.  V. Watson (West Ham United)
  28.  A.E. Hufton (West Ham United)
  29.  Alec Jackson (Chelsea)
  30.  ??
  31.  A.E. Lindon (Charlton Athletic)
  32.  Harry Storer (Burnley)
  33.  J. Seed (Sheffield Wednesday)
  34.  W. Kirkham (Stoke City)
  35.  W.P. Thompson (Nottingham Forest)
  36.  W. Hartill (Wolverhampton W.)
  37.  S. King (Oldham)
  38.  J. Elwood (Bradford)
  39.  Dixie Dean (Everton)
  40.  ??
  41.  J. Oakes (Port Vale)
  42.  T. Gale (Barnsley)
  43.  ??
  44.  H. Deacon (Swansea Town)
  45.  F. Keenor (Cardiff City)
  46.  E. O’Callaghan (Tottenham Hotspur)
  47.  F. Kennedy (Reading)
  48.  J.D. Harkness (Midlothian)
  49.  H. Lawson (Brentford)
  50.  J. Nibloe (Kilmarnock)
  51.  Lionel Murphy (Mansfield Town)
  52.  Bob Turnbull (Southend Utd.)
  53.  J.D. Butler (Torquay Utd.)

The remainder are non-football

Unknown number: A. Morton (Glasgow Rangers)

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