“Sportsmen” (Anonymous)

Year of issue: 1925/26
Issued by: Anonymous
Trade reference number(s): ZJ5-48
Number of cards in set: 10 (5 pairs)
Size: XF (approx. 90mm x 70mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £5.00; FCCM £10.00

Only three footballers are contained within this set but as I have one of them I suppose that it’s worth including them. Nobody knows who issued these or when, so the date is only an approximation. Once again, they don’t often turn up in pairs and the values above are based on single cards rather than pairs, for which you would probably pay a premium nowadays.

ZJ5-48 Howard-Baker & KilnerZJ5-48 Stephenson & ChildsZJ5-48 Steel & ElliottZJ5-48 Parkin & Criqui

Pair 1
B. Howard-Baker (Chelsea F.C.)
Roy Kilner (Yorks C.C.)

Pair 2
Clem Stephenson (Huddersfield F.C.)
J. Childs (Jockey)

Pair 3
James Steel (Hamilton Acads F.C.)
C. Elliott (Jockey)

Pair 4
Cecil Parkin (Lancashire C.C.)
Eugene Criqui (Boxer)

Pair 5
G. Brown (Hampshire C.C.)
F. Burns (Boxer)

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