“Sportsmen” (Football & Sports Favourite / Sports Fun)

Year of issue: 1922
Issued by: “Football & Sports Favourite” and “Sports Fun” (Amalgamated Press)
Trade reference number(s): ZJ5-74 / FOO-040
Number of cards in set: 168 smaller “stamps” + 24 larger ones (87 + 10 footballers)
Size: KF (approx. 40mm x 40mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM £9.00-£12.00

A set of seemingly anonymous “stamps” which have been identified as attributable to the two publications named above, which could easily have been “sister” papers. Originally issued in sheets of twelve together with twenty-four larger stamps they were stuck into a book which apparently did not have enough pages to hold them all! Also, not all of the stamps were of footballers, and I will not be including those others here.

Alan Jenkins has done all of the leg-work here and has collected images of the booklet to house these stamps and photocopied complete sheets – many of which I have used –  all of which you can see HERE.

FCCM catalogues these as a c1924 anonymous issue and has stamps which vary in value, presumably because of the team that individuals might play for.

Stamps are arranged here in alphabetical order rather than by the sheets on which they were issued.

FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Armstrong   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Banks   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Barratt   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Bissett   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Blair   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Bond   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Boreham R   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Bradbury   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Brittan   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Broad   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Brooks   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Brown   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Buchan   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Campbell   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Chedgzoy   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Clay   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Cope   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Cresswell   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Dimmock   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Donkin   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Doran   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Ducat   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Edgley   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Edmonds   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Ewart   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Fazackerley   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Feebury   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Ferguson small   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Fort   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Foxall   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 French   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Galbraith   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Gittens   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Goldthorpe   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Gossman   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Grimsdell   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Hamill   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Hargreaves   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Humphries   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Islip   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Jack   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Jefferson  FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Johnstone   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Jones J   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Jones   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Kail   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Kelly   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Knight   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Lawrence   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Lawson D   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Lucas   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 McCracken   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 McGrory   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Morton   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Mutch   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Newbigging   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Nicholson   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Paterson   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Pennington   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Petrie   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Pirie  ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Potts   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Pym   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Quantrill   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Richardson   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Roberts   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Schofield    FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Smelt   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Smith WH   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Stringfellow   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Thomson   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Vizard   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Wallace   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Walters   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Whittaker   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Williams   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Williamson   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Williamson   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Wilson A   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Wilson T   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Wilson   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Wood

And the larger footballer “stamps”…

ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Davies L   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Davies   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Ferguson   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Hardy   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Hopkin   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Manderson   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 McMenemy   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 North   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Rawlings   FOO-040 ZJ5-74 Walden   ZJ5-74 FOO-040 Woosnam

Footballers only listed on the following sheets:

Sheet 1
Nicholson (Clapton Orient)
Edmonds (Wolves)
Buchan (Bolton)
Fort (Millwall)
Walters (Spurs)
Wilson (Huddersfield Town)

Sheet 2
Clay (Spurs)
Wallace (Oldham Athletic)
Islip (Huddersfield Town)
Kelly (Burnley)
Chedgzoy (Everton)
Wilson (Sheffield United)

Sheet 3
Ducat (Fulham and Surrey)
Vizard (Bolton)
Campbell (Partick Thistle)
Blair (Cardiff City)
Morton (Glasgow Rangers)

Sheet 4
L. Smelt (Burnley)
J. Banks (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Gossman (Queens Park)
F. Foxall (Birmingham)
J. Hargreaves (Bradford City)
J. Galbraith (Clapton Orient)

Sheet 5
J. Doran (Brighton & Hove A.)
D. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
M. Hamill (Manchester City)
J. Jones (Crystal Palace)
J. Gittens (Barnsley)
G. French (Greenock Morton)

Sheet 6
F. Potts (Bradford City)
H. Humphries (Rotherham County)
H. Edgley (Queens Park Rangers)
E. Goldthorpe (Leeds United)
E. Ferguson (Chelsea)
D. Lawson (St Mirren)

Sheet 7
J. Wood (Falkirk)
C. Lawrence (Derby County)
J. Armstrong (Barnsley)
C. Johnstone (Aston Villa)
A.E. Knight (Portsmouth)

Sheet 8
W. Newbigging (Motherwell)
C. Petrie (Sheffield Wednesday)
E. Kail (Dulwich Hamlet)
A. Wilson (Plymouth Argyle)
R. Williams (Merthyr Town)
W. Cope (West Ham Utd.)

Sheet 9
F. Broadbent (Oldham Athletic)
J. Mitchell (Charlton Athletic)
R. Boreham (Arsenal)
R. Elvey (Bolton Wanderers)
A. Mutch (Huddersfield Town)
J. Reid (Everton)

Sheet 10
McGrory (Stoke)
Thomson (St. Mirren)
Grimsdell (Spurs)
Pirie (Queens Park)
Cresswell (Sunderland)
Williamson (Bury)

Sheet 11
Brittan (Cardiff City)
Dimmock (Spurs)
Bond (Bradford City)
Richardson (Plymouth)
Stringfellow (Hearts)
Campbell (Southampton)
Donkin (Barnsley)
Jones (Notts Forest)

Sheet 12
Pennington (West Ham Utd.)
McCracken (Newcastle United)
Quantrill (Preston North End)
Schofield (Manchester United)
Jefferson (Swindon Town)
Williamson (Middlesbrough)
Lucas (Liverpool)

Sheet 13
Barratt (Southampton)
Brookes (Wolves)
Bradbury (Clapton Orient)
Pym (Bolton)
Fazackerley (Everton)
Brown (Motherwell)
Paterson (Sunderland)

Sheet 14
Roberts (P.N.E.)
Whittaker (Arsenal)
Ewart (Bradford City)
Broad (Stoke)
Smith (Huddersfield Town)
Feebury (Crystal Palace)
Bissett (Wolves)

11 larger footballers
Len Davies (Cardiff City)
Stan Davies (West Bromwich Albion)
Ferguson (Motherwell)
Hardy (Nottingham Forest)
Hopkin (Liverpool)
Manderson (Glasgow Rangers)
McMenemy (Partick Thistle)
North (Arsenal)
Rawlings (Southampton)
Walden (Spurs and Northants)
Max Woosnam (Manchester City)

And here is an album for them…

ZJ5-74 FOO-040 album

I am clearly ‘making do’ with some very rough photocopies here, and I am also short of a few pictures from sheets 8 and 9 – can YOU help, please?