“Sports Champions” (Lot-o’-Fun)

Year of issue: 1922
Issued by: “Lot-o’-Fun” (Amalgamated Press)
Trade reference number(s): LOT-020 / LOM-1
Number of cards in set: 4 ‘pairs’
Size: MF (approx. 70mm x 45mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £6.00; FCCM £8.00

The cards in this set are often found cut into ‘singles’ which devalues them; it can be quite hard to find complete pair cards. There are six footballers together with a boxer and an athlete. The difficult card to find in this set is the one featuring early 20th century footballing superstar, Billy Meredith.

Of extra interest is the fact that the other half of this set was issued with its sister paper “Comic Life” over the same four weeks.

Grimsdell HillGrimsdell Hill backDucat BeckettDucat Beckett backHoward-Baker WilsonHoward-Baker Wilson backLayton MeredithLayton Meredith back

I have no specific issue information for this set.

1. Arthur Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur) & 2. A.G. Hill (Athletics) – issued 30th September
3. Andrew Ducat (Fulham) & 4. Joe Beckett (Boxer) – issued 7th October
5.  B. Howard Baker (Chelsea) & 6. Tom Wilson (Huddersfield Town) – issued 14th October
7.  A. Layton (Stockport County) & 8. W. Meredith (Manchester City) – issued 21st October

* I need the final card, the one featuring Layton and Meredith; I have both as ‘singles’ but I want a complete ‘pair’ if anyone has one.