“Sports Champions” (Comic Life)

Year of issue: 1922
Issued by: “Comic Life” (Amalgamated Press)
Trade reference number(s): COM-140 / COS-1
Number of cards in set: 4 ‘pairs’
Size: MF (approx. 70mm x 45mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £6.00; FCCM unlisted

The cards in this set are often found cut into ‘singles’ which devalues them; it can be quite hard to find complete pair cards. There are three footballers together with other sportsmen. The difficult card to find in this set is the one featuring early 20th century boxing maestro, Jack Dempsey which fetches crazy prices on the internet.

Of extra interest is the fact that the other ‘half’ of this series of cards was issued simultaneously with its sister paper “Lot-o’-Fun”.

Carpentier & BarryCarpentier & Barry backWilson & BurgessWilson & Burgess backDempsey & McKinlayDempsey & McKinlay backCOM-140 COS-1 Howcroft JonesCOM-140 COS-1 Howcroft Jones back

I have no specific issue number information for this set.

1. Georges Carpentier (Boxing) & 2. E. Barry (Sculling) – issue dated 30th September
3. Andrew Wilson (Middlesbrough) & 4. Thomas Burgess (Swimming) – issue dated 7th October
5. Jack Dempsey (Boxing) & 6. Donald McKinley (Liverpool) – issue dated 14th October
7. J.T. Howcroft (Champion League Referee) & 8. Harry Jones (Nottingham Forest) – issue dated 21st October

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