“Photo’s of Football Stars” (Lovell)

Year of issue: 1928/29
Issued by: G.F. Lovell & Co. Ltd
Trade reference number(s): LOV-060 / LOP-3
Number of cards in set: 25
Size: standard cigarette card size
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £22.50; FCCM £20.00

This small set is a direct copy of the Pattreiouex tobacco set and the Tucketts set of around the same time. The backs are identical; only the company logo at the top and slogan at the base are different. Even the error of Sam Wadsworth’s name being printed as F.J. Wadsworth” is repeated in all three sets.

It’s also a weirdly skewed balance of teams represented: Arsenal, Everton, Leicester, Middlesbrough, Manchester United, Newcastle and West Ham have just one player; Blackburn, Huddersfield and Sheffield United have two; Cardiff have five; and Manchester City have SEVEN, none of which seems to tie in with League or FA Cup success as far as I can see.

NB Quite a lot of these are ‘mock-ups’ – they’re rather obvious…

LOV-060 LOP-3 Hardy     LOV-060 LOP-3 Hardy back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Dean     LOV-060 LOP-3 Dean back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Keenor     LOV-060 LOP-3 Keenor back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Hufton     LOV-060 LOP-3 Hufton back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Ferguson     LOV-060 LOP-3 Ferguson back     lov-060-lop-3-Chandler     lov-060-lop-3-Chandler-back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Gillespie     LOV-060 LOP-3 Gillespie back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Tunstall     LOV-060 LOP-3 Tunstall back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Johnson     LOV-060 LOP-3 Johnson back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Wadsworth     LOV-060 LOP-3 Wadsworth back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Rawlings     LOV-060 LOP-3 Rawlings back     TUC-050 TUC-3 Camsell     LOV-060 LOP-3 Camsell back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Roberts     LOV-060 LOP-3 Roberts back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Jackson     LOV-060 LOP-3 Jackson back     LOV-060 LOP-3 McMullen     LOV-060 LOP-3 McMullan back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Davies     LOV-060 LOP-3 Davies back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Barrass     LOV-060 LOP-3 Barrass back     LOV-060 LOP-3 Ridley     LOV-060 LOP-3 Ridley back

  1. William Hardy (Cardiff City)
  2. W.R. Dean (Everton)
  3. Fred Keenor (Cardiff City)
  4. A.E. Hufton (West Ham United)
  5. Hugh Ferguson (Cardiff City)
  6. A. Chandler (Leicester City)
  7. J. Roscamp (Blackburn Rovers)
  8. Tom Farquharson (Cardiff City)
  9. S.C. Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers)
  10. W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
  11. F. Tunstall (Sheffield United)
  12. J.H. Hulme (Arsenal)
  13. T.C.F. Johnson (Manchester City)
  14. P. McCloy (Manchester City)
  15. H. Gallacher (Newcastle United)
  16. F.J. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town)
  17. W.E. Rawlings (Manchester United)
  18. G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
  19. F. Roberts (Manchester City)
  20. A. Jackson (Huddersfield Town)
  21. J. McMullan (Manchester City)
  22. S. Cowan (Manchester City)
  23. Stan Davies (Cardiff City)
  24. M. Barrass (Manchester City)
  25. J.G. Ridley (Manchester City)

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