“Footballers – With the Editor’s Compliments” (Wizard)

Year of issue: 1922-23
Issued by: “The Wizard” (D.C. Thomson)
Trade reference number(s): THO-305 / ZA10-3
Number of cards in set: 18
Size: MF (approx. 80mm x 38mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM £2.00

This apparently anonymous set was a follow-on series from the British Team of Footballers collection, these lovely hand-coloured cards are not too difficult to find and won’t break the bank.

THO-305 ZA10-3 Hawes     THO-305 ZA10-3 Hawes back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Manderson     THO-305 ZA10-3 Manderson back     THO-305 ZA10-3 McNab     THO-305 ZA10-3 McNab back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Bradford     THO-305 ZA10-3 Bradford back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Voysey     THO-305 ZA10-3 Voysey back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Cookson     THO-305 ZA10-3 Cookson back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Menlove     THO-305 ZA10-3 Menlove back     THO-305 ZA10-3 McStay     THO-305 ZA10-3 McStay back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Davies     THO-305 ZA10-3 Davies back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Jones     THO-305 ZA10-3 Jones back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Quantrill     THO-305 ZA10-3 Quantrill back     THO-305 ZA10-3 McKinnell     THO-305 ZA10-3 McKinnell back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Cock     THO-305 ZA10-3 Cock back     tho-305-za10-3 Ellis     tho-305-za10-3 Ellis back     THO-305 ZA10-3 Jennings     THO-305 ZA10-3 Jennings back     tho-305-za10-3 Johnson     tho-305-za10-3 Johnson back     tho-305-za10-3 Bell     tho-305-za10-3 Bell back

Alan Jenkins has done the donkey-work in discovering the publication dates shown here.

  • A. Hawes (Sunderland) – issue #12, dated 9th December, 1922
  • Bert Manderson (Rangers) – issue #13, dated 16th December, 1922
  • J. “Jock” McNab (Liverpool) – issue #14, dated 23rd December, 1922
  • J. Bradford (Birmingham) – issue #15, dated 30th December, 1922
  • C. Voysey (Arsenal) – issue #16, dated 6th January, 1923
  • S. Cookson (Manchester City) – issue #17, dated 13th January, 1923
  • B. Menlove (Sheffield United) – issue #18, dated 20th January, 1923
  • W. McStay (Celtic) – issue #19, dated 27th January, 1923
  • H. Davies (Stoke) – issue #20, dated 3rd February, 1923
  • Ivor Jones (West Bromwich Albion) – issue #21, dated 10th February, 1923
  • Sidney Gibson (Nottingham Forest) – issue #22, dated 17th February, 1923
  • A.E. Quantrill (Preston North End) – issue #23, dated 24th February, 1923
  • J. McKinnell (Nottingham Forest) – issue #24, dated 3rd March, 1923
  • D. Cock (Notts County) – issue #25, dated 10th March, 1923
  • W. Ellis (Sunderland) – issue #26, dated 17th March, 1923
  • W. Jennings (Bolton Wanderers) – issue #24, dated 3rd March, 1923
  • Dick Johnson (Liverpool) – issue #28, dated 31st March, 1923
  • J.B. Bell (Chelsea) – issue #29, dated 7th April, 1923

Some of these images are really very poor – can YOU help, please?