“Footballers & Sportsmen” (Boys’ Magazine)

Year of issue: 1923
Issued by: “Boys’ Magazine” (E. Hulton & Co. Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): BOY-510 / BPM-7.4
Number of cards in set: 64 (16 sheets of 4) – 52 footballers
Size: M (individual picture 56mm x 35mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £5.00; FCCM £4.00 (complete sheets £20.00)

These sheets of four cards are more often than not found cut down to ‘singles’ these days and are priced accordingly. Finding a complete block of four can be quite a challenge and equally as expensive. The first thirteen sheets were all footballers; the remaining three sheets featured boxers, cricketers and athletes (pictures of whom I have not included here).

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Sheet 1issue #53, dated 24th February
A.C. Jephcott (West Bromwich Albion)
‘Fanny’ Walden (Tottenham Hotspur)
O. Williams (Clapton Orient)
W.A. Coates (Leeds United)

Sheet 2 issue #54, dated 3rd March
G.E. Elliot (Middlesbrough)
D. Rollo (Blackburn Rovers)
F. Hopkin (Liverpool)
J. Patterson (Sunderland)

Sheet 3 – issue #55, dated 10th March
Joe Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
J. Lansdale (Millwall)
A. Fairclough (Bristol City)
J. Aitken (Bury)

Sheet 4 – issue #56, dated 17th March
D. Meiklejohn (Glasgow Rangers)
F. Pagnam (Watford)
F. Keenor (Cardiff City)
E. Islip (Huddersfield Town)

Sheet 5 – issue #57, dated 24th March
G. Henderson (Glasgow Rangers)
R. Forshaw (Liverpool)
F. Titmuss (Southampton)
A. Whalley (Charlton Athletic)

Sheet 6 – issue #58, dated 31st March
R. McNeill (Chelsea)
G. Carr (Middlesbrough)
R. Turnbull (Arsenal)
A. Dominy (Southampton)

Sheet 7 – issue #59, dated 7th April
J. Lyons (Derby County)
E. Richardson (Plymouth Argyle)
E.A. Hufton (West Ham United)
P. Quinn (late Preston North End)

Sheet 8 – issue #60, dated 14th April
W.M. McLean (Dundee)
J. Seed (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Broad (Stoke)
J. Gill (Cardiff City)

Sheet 9 – issue #61, dated 21st April
C. Wilson (Huddersfield Town)
S. Puddefoot (Falkirk)
C.H. Handley (Tottenham Hotspur)
W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)

Sheet 10 – issue #62, dated 28th April
J. Armstrong (Chelsea)
E. Blackburn (Bradford City)
J. Thompson (Brighton)
W. Cresswell (Sunderland)

Sheet 11 – issue #63, dated 5th May
T. Sampy (Sheffield United)
T.R. Parker (Southampton)
D.A. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
T. Meehan (Chelsea)

Sheet 12issue #64, dated 12th May
A. Goodman (Charlton Athletic)
J. Moore (Derby County)
V. Watson (West Ham United)
F. Tunstall (Sheffield United)

Sheet 13 – issue #65, dated 19th May
A. Lindsay (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Blair (Cardiff City)
W. Barrett (Leicester City)
R. Galloway (Derby County)

Sheet 14 – issue #66, dated 26th May
P.G.H. Fender (Surrey C.C.C.)
Mann (Middlesex C.C.C.)
McTigue (Boxer)
Rudd (Athlete)

Sheet 15 – issue #67, dated 2nd June
Goddard (Boxer)
Hill (Athlete)
Macauley (Yorkshire C.C.C.)
Stevens (Middlesex C.C.C.)

Sheet 16 – issue #68, dated 9th June
Abrahams (Athlete)
A.E.R. Gilligan (Sussex C.C.C.)
Russell (Essex C.C.C.)
Todd (Boxer)