“Footballers & Secret Signs” (Wizard)

Year of issue: 1929
Issued by: “The Wizard” (D.C. Thomson Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): none
Number in set: 6
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £; FCCM £

These ultra-rare metal trinkets were issued over a period of six weeks and fetch some crazy prices. All six were on offer on eBay in 2021 at £60.00 each. I own the Huddersfield Town one and also the packet in which it came.1929 WIZARD Secret Signs Edwardssecret-signs-campbell1929 WIZARD Secret Signs Cook1929 WIZARD Secret Signs James1929 WIZARD Secret Signs Riley1929 WIZARD Secret Signs Hulmesecret-signs-packet

1. W. Edwards (Leeds United) / Black Hand – issue #357, dated 5th October, 1929
2. A.F. Campbell (Huddersfield Town) / Eye of Toto – issue #358, dated 12th October, 1929
3. F. Cook (Portsmouth) / Tong of Sing Poo – issue #359, dated 19th October, 1929
4. Alec James (Arsenal) / Tiger’s Claw – issue #360, dated 26th October, 1929
5. A.J. Riley (Liverpool) / Thunderbird Totem – issue #361, dated 2nd November, 1929
6. Joe Hulme (Arsenal) / Flying Squad – issue #362, dated 9th November, 1929