“Footballers: Gilt Borders” (Vanguard)

Year of issue: 1924
Issued by: “The Vanguard” (D.C. Thomson)
Trade reference number(s): THO-315 / THO-15
Number of cards in set: 8
Size: X (approx. 80mm x 113mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £7.50; FCCM £8.00

Wrongly dated in Murrays as 1933 and FCCM as 1929, these rather nice cards are quite hard to find.

CowanCowan back

BishopBishop backShawShaw backTHO-315 THO-15 BlackburnTHO-315 THO-15 Blackburn backTHO-315 THO-15 ElwoodTHO-315 THO-15 Elwood backNelsonNelson back

HargreavesTHO-315 THO-15 Hargreaves backTHO-315 THO-15 ElkesTHO-315 THO-15 Elkes back

W. Cowan (Newcastle United) – issue #49, 13th September
S. Bishop (West Ham United) – issue #50, 20th September
G.E. Shaw (Huddersfield Town) – issue #51, 27th September
G. Blackburn (Aston Villa) – issue #52, 4th October
J. Elwood (Manchester City) – issue #53, 11th October
J. Nelson (Cardiff City) – issue #54, 18th October
F. Hargreaves (Everton) – issue no. 55, 25th October
J. Elkes (Tottenham Hotspur) – issue #56, 1st November