“Footballers – 8th Series of 10” (Crescent)

Year of issue: c1930
Issued by: Crescent Confectionery Co. Ltd.
Trade reference number(s): uncatalogued
Number of cards in set: 10
Size: approximately 38mm x 61mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM unlisted

All kinds of confusion here! I cannot find any kind of trade reference details for this ‘sub-set’ but clearly there were ten such sets of ten cards. Although they are plain-backed, they are different from the company’s other similar sets in that they clearly say “8th series of 10” at top left. I have dated this set at 1930 because every one of the eight known players were at their respective clubs that year, the exception being Sam Wadsworth who left Huddersfield for Burnley in 1929. But it can’t possibly be a 1929 set as Jackie Carr was only at Blackpool for the 1930-31 season. As a result, this set technically falls outside the remit of my website, but as I’ve worked so hard on it I’ll leave it here! 🙂

As well as discovering some of the other footballers in this small set, Alan Jenkins has also found out a little more on the other nine series. You can see his findings HERE.

CRESCENT 1 Walker     CRESCENT Baker     Brain     Wadsworth     c1930 CRESCENT 8th Series of 10 McMullan     c1930 CRESCENT 8th Series of 10 Gillespie

1. W.H. Walker (Aston Villa)
2. A. Baker (The Arsenal)
3. Jack Carr (Blackpool)
4. ?G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)?
5. R. Cringan (Birmingham)
6. J. Brain (The Arsenal)
7. S. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town)
8. J. McMullan (Manchester City)
9. W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
10. J. Priestley (Grimsby Town)

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