“Footballers” (Crescent)

Year of issue: 1923
Issued by: Crescent Confectionery Co. Ltd.
Trade reference number(s): CRE-080 / CRM-1
Number of cards in set: 103 (+1 variation)
Size: approximately 55mm x 37mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM £85.00

Over one hundred very rare – and expensive! – cards indeed. All cards have the same back and, because they are unnumbered, I have arranged them here in alphabetical order.

Just for the record, I have moved this series to 1923 (even though dealers will more usually place it in 1928) because it contains Danny Shea who played at Coventry City for only the one season, 1923-24.

It was always thought that there were 100 cards in this series but then in February 2016 Matthew Zubrot came up with the Grimsdell (Tottenham) card to take the tally to 101 and then, in March 2020, I came across the previously unrecorded card of Moss (Aston Villa) card on eBay to make it 102. In September 2020 a hitherto unrecorded card of W. Cook (Sheffield United) was offered for sale at £500.00 by Nigel at CardHawk on his site or £550.00 on eBay 😮😮 and so the total currently stands at 103 and counting…

Update: April 2023 saw Garry Daynes post a picture on Facebook of a previously unrecorded J. Moore (Derby County); 104 and counting…

Back  CRE-080 CRM-1 Baker  CRE-080 CRM-1 Barnes   1923 CRE-080 CRM-1 Barry Notts County  CRE-080 CRM-1 Boyle  CRE-080 CRM-1 Bromilow  CRE-080 CRM-1 Cock  CRE-080 CRM-1 Cook   CRE-080 CRM-1 Dorrell  CRE-080 CRM-1 Elliott  CRE-080 CRM-1 Forward  CRE-080 CRM-1 Gillespie  Green  Grimsdell  CRESCENT cre 080 crm 1 henderson  CRE-080 CRM-1 Kelly  CRE-080 CRM-1 McCall  cre-080-crm-1 McKinlay  cre-080-crm-1 Moore  CRE-080 CRM-1 Marsden  CRE-080 CRM-1 Moss  Murphy  CRE-080 CRM-1 Olney  cre-080-crm-1 Pagnam  Puddefoot  cre-080-crm-1 Scott  CRE-080 CRM-1 Spencer  CRE-080 CRM-1 Stage  CRE-080 CRM-1 Summers  Taylor E  CRE-080 CRM-1 Tonner  Wadsworth  CRE-080 CRM-1 Wilson G  Wilson T  CRE-080 CRM-1 Wood

  • J.W. Baker (Leeds United)
  • H. Barnes (Manchester City)
  • L. Barry (Notts County)
  • F. Barson (Manchester United)
  • H. Bedford (Blackpool)
  • J. Blair (Cardiff City)
  • A.G. Bower (Corinthians)
  • T. Boyle (Sheffield United)
  • T.G. Bromilow (Liverpool)
  • W. Brown (Chelsea)
  • N. Bullock (Bury)
  • T. Clay (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • D.J. Cock (Notts County)
  • J.G. Cock (Everton)
  • J. Coleburne (Exeter City)
  • J. Collins (Swansea Town)
  • W. Cook (Sheffield United)
  • H.S. Crawford (Millwall Ath)
  • R. Cringan (Birmingham)
  • B. Cross (Burnley)
  • A. Cunningham (Glasgow Rangers)
  • R. Davies (Portsmouth)
  • J. Dawson (Burnley)
  • E. Dimmock (Newport County)
  • A.R. Dorrell (Aston Villa)
  • G.W. Elliott (Middlesbrough)
  • F. Forward (Newport County)
  • R. Gillespie (Queens Park)
  • W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
  • A. Goodman (Charlton Athletic)
  • T. Green (Heart of Midlothian)
  • F.J. Gregory (Watford)
  • A. Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • J.B. Grimwood (Manchester United)
  • W. Harthil (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
  • W. Henderson (Manchester United)
  • L.G. Hill (Queens Park Rangers)
  • F.C. Hudspeth (Newcastle United)
  • A.E. Hufton (West Ham United)
  • D. Hutchinson (South Shields)
  • A. Iremonger (Notts County)
  • D.B.N. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
  • R. John (Queens Park Rangers)
  • H. Johnson (Sheffield United)
  • F. Kean (Bolton Wanderers)
  • Fred Keenor (Cardiff City)
  • R. Kelly (Burnley)
  • A.L. Kennedy (Arsenal)
  • King (Oldham Athletic)
  • F. Knowles (Newport County, ex Man United)
  • N. McBain (Everton)
  • J. McCall (Preston North End)
  • McClelland (Preston North End)
  • J. McIntyre (Derby County)
  • D. McKinlay (Liverpool)
  • J. McMullen (Manchester City)
  • L. McPherson (Swansea Town)
  • B. Marsden (QPR)
  • H. Mercer (Sheffield United)
  • Milton (Sheffield United)
  • J.F. Mitchell (Manchester City)
  • C. Moore (Manchester United)
  • J. Moore (Derby County)
  • W.A. Morgan (Crystal Palace)
  • Morton (Rangers)
  • F. Moss (Aston Villa)
  • L. Murphy (Derby County)
  • A. Mutch (Newcastle United)
  • J. Oakes (Port Vale)
  • B. Olney (Derby County)
  • F. Pagnam (Watford)
  • F.J. Penn (Fulham)
  • J. Priestley (Grimsby Town)
  • S.C. Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers)
  • A. Purdy (Charlton Athletic)
  • W.E. Rawlings (Southampton)
  • C. Rennox (Clapton Orient)
  • J.H. Riddell (Fulham)
  • A. Rigsby (Everton)
  • D. Rollo (Blackburn Rovers)
  • J. Rutherford (Arsenal)
  • E. Scott (Liverpool)
  • D. Shea (Coventry City)
  • T.G. Smith (Manchester United)
  • J.W. Spence (Manchester United)
  • J.L. Spencer (West Bromwich)
  • W. Stage (Bury)
  • A. Steele (Charlton Athletic)
  • W. Summers (St. Mirren)
  • E. Taylor (Huddersfield Town)
  • L. Thompson (Swansea Town)
  • J. Tonner (Clapton Orient)
  • S. Tonner (Clapton Orient)
  • J. Torrance (Fulham)
  • S. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town)
  • W.H. Walker (Aston Villa)
  • V. Watson (West Ham United)
  • W. Watson (Huddersfield Town)
  • John White (Hearts)
  • G. Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
  • T. Wilson (Huddersfield Town)
  • A. Wood (Clapton Orient)
  • J.W. Wood (Blackpool)
  • R.E. Yorke (Aston Villa)

There is one known error/variety as Syd Puddefoot appears for two teams:

  • S.C. Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers / Falkirk)

NB A card rated only as “good” and depicting Puddefoot as a Falkirk player was available on eBay for £114.31 ($145.00) in October 2019. It’s still there in 2020…

Then in March 2020 the above card of QPR player Ben Marsden sold on eBay for £103.00.

On 8th March 2020 the above – previously unrecorded – card of Frank Moss also sold on eBay for an astonishing £139.87!

I am still short of several images here – can YOU help, please?