“Footballers” (Clarnico / Poppleton)

Year of issue: 1923
Issued by: Clarnico / H. Poppleton
Trade reference number(s): CLA-320 / ZJF-360 / ZJ5-30
Number of cards in set: 96
Size: standard (36mm x 63mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM £60.00

This rare and very expensive set is attributed to Clarke, Nicholls and Coombs even though it appears anonymous. Cards are blank-backed although many of these have also turned up rubber stamped on the back by H. Poppleton & Sons Ltd. so it would seem that there is some as yet undiscovered connection.

Cards are unnumbered but listed here alphabetically.

Castle S  CLA-320 - ZJF-360 - ZJ5-30 Clay  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Cock  Coomber G  Cope H  Filliston J  Fleming  Flint  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Gillespie  Grimsdell  Hamilton T  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Harry  Hendren  Hill H  Iremonger  Kay  Kemp H  Langford AE  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 MArsden  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 McCracken  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 McCracken W  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Millard  Morley  CLA-320 - ZJF-360 - ZJ5-30 Morton  Murphy L  Nicholls J  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Nicholson J  Paterson W  Piggin  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Rawlings  Richardson F  Ritchie A  Roberts WT  Rosier  Smith H  Stephenson  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Torrance  CLA-320 ZJF-360 ZJ5-30 Turnbull  Turner H  Wadsworth  CLA-320 - ZJF-360 - ZJ5-30 Walden  Wightman H  Williams O  Williams TH  Williams  Wood A  CLA-320 - ZJF-360 - ZJ5-30 Woosnam

  • A. Archibald (Rangers F.C.)
  • A.H. Amos (Millwall F.C.)
  • A. Baker (Arsenal F.C.)
  • Howard Baker (Chelsea F.C.)
  • R. Baugh (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
  • J. Belton (Nottingham Forest)
  • J. Blair (Cardiff City F.C.)
  • J. Brick (Queens Pk Rangers) (sic) – actually James Birch
  • J. Broad (Millwall F.C.)
  • C.M. Buchan (Sunderland F.C.)
  • H.M. Bulling (Nottingham Forest)
  • J. Burnham (Queens Pk Rangers)
  • G. Carrington (Clapton Orient F.C.)
  • S. Castle (Charlton A. F.C.)
  • T. Clay (Tottenham H’spurs)
  • Cock (Chelsea F.C.)
  • Geo. Coomber (B’ton & Hove Albion)
  • H. Cope (Notts County F.C.)
  • F.F. Cownley (Arsenal)
  • G.W. Edmonds (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
  • Elliott (Middlesboro F.C.)
  • J. Feebury (B’ton & Hove Albion)
  • J. Filliston (Charlton A. F.C.)
  • Fleming (Swindon F.C.)
  • W. Flint (Notts County F.C.)
  • J. Fort (Millwall F.C.)
  • S. Gibson (Nottingham Forest)
  • W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
  • Goodwin (West Ham F.C.)
  • C. Gregory (Queens Pk Rangers)
  • F. Gregory (Watford F.C.)
  • J. Gregory (Queens Pk Rangers)
  • T. Grey (Chelsea F.C.)
  • A. Grimsdell (Spurs Captain)
  • T. Hamilton (Preston North End)
  • A.E. Harry (Crystal Palace F.C.)
  • E. Hendren (Brentford F.C.)
  • H. Higginbotham (Luton Town F.C.)
  • H. Hill (Notts County F.C.)
  • A. Iremonger (Notts County F.C.)
  • H. Jones (Nottingham Forest)
  • G. Kay (West Ham F.C.)
  • F. Keenor (Cardiff City F.C.)
  • R. Kelly (Burnley F.C.)
  • H. Kemp (Notts County F.C.)
  • A.E. Langford (Merthyr Town F.C.)
  • G. Lennon (Luton Town F.C.)
  • R. McCracken (Crystal Palace F.C.)
  • [W] McCracken (Newcastle F.C.)
  • J.A. Mackie (Arsenal F.C.)
  • B. Marsden (Queens Pk. Rangers)
  • N. Middleboe (Chelsea F.C.)
  • B. Millard (Crystal Palace F.C.)
  • G.E. Morgan (Nottingham Forest)
  • F. Morley (Brentford F.C.)
  • A.L. Morton (Rangers F.C.)
  • F. Moss (Aston Villa F.C.)
  • L. Murphy (Derby County F.C.)
  • N. Neesam (Bristol City F.C.)
  • J. Nicholls (Clapton Orient F.C.)
  • J. Nicholson (Clapton Orient F.C.)
  • F.R. Osborne (Fulham F.C.)
  • Pagnam (Watford F.C.)
  • W. Paterson (Derby County F.C.)
  • F. Penn (Fulham F.C.)
  • T. Pidgeon (Queens Pk Rangers)
  • L. Piggin (Brentford F.C.)
  • G. Pither (Millwall F.C.)
  • W.E. Rawlings (Southampton F.C.)
  • F. Richardson (Plymouth Argyle)
  • J. Riddle (Millwall F.C.)
  • A. Ritchie (Derby County F.C.)
  • W.T. Roberts (Preston North End)
  • A. Roe (Arsenal F.C.)
  • B. Rosier (Brentford F.C.)
  • J. Ruffell (West Ham United)
  • Rutherford (Arsenal F.C.)
  • H. Smith (Clapton Orient F.C.)
  • C. Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)
  • W. Tinsley (Nottingham Forest)
  • J. Torrance (Fulham F.C.)
  • R. Turnbull (Arsenal F.C.)
  • H. Turner (Merthyr Town F.C.)
  • S.J. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town)
  • F. Walden (Tottenham H’spurs)
  • A. Walker (Chelsea F.C.)
  • J. Whibley (Crystal Palace)
  • H. Wightman (Derby County F.C.)
  • O. Williams (Clapton Orient)
  • T.H. Williams (Clapton Orient F.C.)
  • W.D. Williams (West Ham United)
  • E.C. Williamson (Arsenal F.C.)
  • Wilson (Wednesday F.C.)
  • Womack (Birmingham F.C.)
  • A. Wood (Clapton Orient F.C.)
  • Max Woosnam (Manchester City)

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