“Football Teams (Colour)” (Boys’ Magazine)

Year of issue: 1929
Issued by: “Boys’ Magazine” (E. Hulton & Co. Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): BOY-490 / BPM-6
Number of cards in set: 9
Size: X (approx. 80mm x 113mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £12.50; FCCM £12.00

Of all of the football cards available to the boys of the 1920s to collect, this set surely has to be the nastiest. Although undeniably bright, they are quite horrible. Having said that they are becoming harder to find and will cost you quite a bit when you find one. An Everton card sold on eBay in June 2018 for £24.99 probably because it features Dixie Dean.

Manchester CityBOY-490 BPM-6 Manchester City backChelseaBOY-490 BPM-6 Chelsea backPlymouth ArgyleBOY-490 BPM-6 Plymouth Argyle backEvertonBOY-490 BPM-6 Everton backAston VillaBOY-490 BPM-6 Aston Villa backHuddersfield TownBOY-490 BPM-6 Huddersfield Town backTottenham HotspurBOY-490 BPM-6 Tottenham Hotspur backGlasgow RangersBOY-490 BPM-6 Glasgow Rangers backWest Ham UnitedBOY-490 BPM-6 West Ham Utd back

Manchester City F.C. – issue #363, dated 16th February, 1929
Chelsea F.C. – issue #364, dated 23rd February, 1929
Plymouth Argyle F.C. – issue #365, dated 2nd March, 1929
Everton F.C. – issue #366, dated 9th March, 1929
Aston Villa F.C. – issue #367, dated 16th March, 1929
Huddersfield Town F.C. – issue #368, dated 23rd March, 1929
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. – issue #369, dated 30th March, 1929
Glasgow Rangers F.C. – issue #370, dated 6th April, 1929
West Ham United F.C. – issue #371, dated 13th April, 1929