“Football “Stars”” (Barratt)

Year of issue: 1928 & 1929
Issued by: Barratt & Co. Ltd.
Trade reference number(s): BAR-430 / BAR-34A / BAR-34Ab / BAR-34Ba / BAR-34Bb
Number of cards in set: 100 (2 series of 50 cards in each)
Size: 61mm x 35mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £27.00; FCCM £60.00

These extremely rare unnumbered trade cards are usually wrongly dated as 1930; Carl Wilkes has carried out in-depth research on them and has concluded – based upon players and their clubs over the series – that there were, in fact, TWO issues in 1928 and 1929. I’ll let Carl explain…

“The inclusion of Jack Hill, for Burnley, dates the [first] set to before 1929. Hill moved to Newcastle in November 1928. Further, Frank Barson played for Watford from springtime 1928 until April 1929. There are two Football “Stars” cards showing him at both Watford and Hartlepools, so one will have been from this autumnal set, and the other from series two, issued in 1929. Series two consisted of a further 50 cards. The Jack Hill card in this set has his team and colours amended appropriately to Newcastle United. Also, Billy Blyth has moved from Arsenal to Birmingham and Frank Barson shows him in Hartlepools livery. David Jack also appears here, as an Arsenal player, a year after moving to Highbury in October 1928, which was a little too late for the first series of the Football “Stars” – an autumnal release – which had him with Bolton.”

Prices for these usually start at around £30.00 each (I paid £50-£60 for each of mine) but have been known to sell beyond £300.00!* They are invariably creased or tatty-edged, appear with four different backs and no-one seems to know which player appeared in which set, so I will simply display them here in alphabetical order. Note also that there are a few cards here without colour or have slightly different colours – a misprint or a printer’s proof? You can read more about these cards on Alan Jenkins’ website HERE. In addition, these cards were reprinted anonymously in the mid 1970s; you can see examples HERE.

*This price has since been upped to £500.00! A card featuring Dixie Dean sold for that price in early 2020.

BAR-430 BAR-34A Adcock   BAR430 BAR34 Austin   BAR-430 BAR-34A Barson Watford   BAR-430 BAR-34 Bishop   BAR-430 BAR-34A Black   BARRATT BAR-430 BAR-34A Blair   BAR-430 BAR-34A Bradford   BAR-430 BAR-34 Bradshaw   BAR-430 BAR-34 Bullock   BAR-430 BAR-34A Camsell   BAR-430 BAR-34A Camsell white   BARRATT BAR-430 BAR-34A Chambers    BAR-430 BAR-34A Cock    BAR-430 BAR-34A Collins J   BAR-430 BAR-34A Cresswell   BAR-430 BAR-34A Cunningham   BAR430 BAR34 Davies L   BAR430 BAR34 Davies W   BAR430 BAR34 Dean   BAR430 BAR34 Dimmock   BAR-430 BAR-34A Gallacher   BAR430 BAR34 Gibbons   BARRATT BAR-430 BAR-34A Gibson   BAR-430 BAR-34A Gillespie    BAR-430 BAR-34A Goddard   BAR-430 BAR-34A Haden S   BAR430 BAR34 Haines   BAR-430 BAR-34A Halliday   BAR430 BAR34 Hardy   BAR-430 BAR-34 Harris   BAR-430 BAR-34A Hill Burnley   BAR-430 BAR-34A Hill Newcastle   BAR-430 BAR-34A Hulme   BAR-430 BAR-34 Irvine   BAR430 BAR34 Jackson   BAR430 BAR34 Jackson white   bar-430-bar-34a-James   BAR-430 BAR-34A Jenkins   BAR-430 BAR-34A Jenkins J   BAR430 BAR34 John   BAR-430 BAR-34A Jones   BAR430 BAR34 Keenor   BAR430 BAR34 Kirkham   BAR-430 BAR-34A Landells   BAR430 BAR34 McGlory    BAR-430 BAR-34A McKinlay    BAR-430 BAR-34A McKinlay error   BAR-430 BAR-34A Maddison   BAR-430 BAR-34 Messer   BAR-430 BAR-34A Morgan   BAR-430 BAR-34A Morton   BAR-430 BAR-34A Morton   BAR-430 BAR-34A Murdoch   BAR-430 BAR-34A Murphy   BAR-430 BAR-34A Parker   BAR-430 BAR-34A Pease   BAR-430 BAR-34A Pease white   BAR430 BAR34 Ruffell   BAR430 BAR34 Seed    BAR-430 BAR-34A Seymour   BAR-430 BAR-34A Skitt   BAR-430 BAR-34A Smart   BAR-430 BAR-34A Smith Wigan   BAR-430 BAR-34A Smith Stockport   BAR430 BAR34 Smith WH   BAR-430 BAR-34A Spence J   BAR430 BAR34 Stevenson   1928 BARRATT BAR-430 Storer   BAR-430 BAR-34A Sykes   BAR-430 BAR-34A Townrow   BAR-430 Trotter   BAR-430 BAR-34A Vizard   BAR430 BAR34 Wadsworth   BAR430 BAR34 Walker   BAR430 BAR34 Watson   BAR-430 BAR-34A Whatley Bristol   BAR-430 BAR-34A Williams O   BAR-430 BAR-34A Wilson Chester   BAR430 BAR34 Wilson C   BAR430 BAR34 Yews   BAR-430 BAR-34A York

BAR430 BAR34 Xmas back   BAR430 BAR34 Tarrab back    BAR430 BAR34 Pure back   BAR430 BAR34 Sherbet back

BAR-430 / BAR-34A “Barratt’s Xmas Club Boxes are the Best. Order Yours Early”
BAR-430 / BAR-34Ab “Tarrab Brand Rock is the Best”

  • H. Adcock (Leicester City)
  • T. Avey (Fulham)
  • A. Barrett (Fulham)
  • T. Bradshaw (Bury)
  • W. Brae (Ayr United)
  • Jack Cock (Millwall)
  • J. Cookson (West Bromwich)
  • A. Cunningham (Glasgow Rgrs)
  • Len Davies (Cardiff City)
  • W. Davies (Notts County)
  • Dixie Dean (Everton)
  • W. Gillespie (Sheffield Wed.)
  • G. Goddard (Queens Pk Rangers)
  • S. Haden (Notts County)
  • W. Haines (Southampton)
  • D. Halliday (Sunderland)
  • N. Harris (Oldham Athletic)
  • Fred Hopkin (Liverpool)
  • R. Irving (Portsmouth)
  • A. Jackson (Huddersfield) – also in plain white kit
  • Alec. James (Arsenal)
  • J. Jenkins (Brighton & Hove)
  • R.F. John (Arsenal)
  • Fred Keenor (Cardiff City)
  • W. Kirkham (Port Vale)
  • J. Landells (Millwall)
  • A. Lockhead (Leicester City)
  • R. McDonald (Clapton Orient)
  • A. McGlory (Motherwell)
  • P. Maddison (Hull City)
  • A.L. Messer (Reading)
  • J. Murdock (Airdrieonians)
  • L. Murphy (Bolton Wanderers)
  • Reg Osborne (Leicester City)
  • Tom Parker (Arsenal)
  • W. Pease (Middlesbro)
  • F. Roberts (Manchester City)
  • J. Seddon (Bolton Wanderers)
  • Joe Smith (Wigan & Stockport County)
  • Joe Spence (Manchester United)
  • Clem. Stevenson [sic] (Huddersfield)
  • N. Storer (Derby County) [sic – surely this should be H. “Harry” Storer?)
  • A. Thain (Chelsea)
  • J. Townrow (Chelsea)
  • J. Trotter (Wednesday)
  • Fred Tunstall (Sheffield Wed.)
  • T. Vizard (Bolton Wanderers)
  • Victor Watson (West Ham United)
  • Jesse Whatley (Bristol Rovers)
  • Owen Williams (Middlesbro)
  • A. Wilson (Chelsea)

BAR-430 / BAR-34Ba “Barratt & Co’s Sweets are Pure”
BAR-430 / BAR-34Bb “Buy Barratt & Co’s Sherbert Novelties”

  • S.W. Austin (Manchester City)
  • F. Barson (Watford & Hartlepools)
  • M. Bell (Hull City)
  • Syd Bishop (Chelsea)
  • A. Black (Millwall)
  • B. Blair (Clyde)
  • W. Blyth (Arsenal & Birmingham)
  • J. Bradford (Birmingham)
  • Norman Bullock (Bury)
  • G. Camsell (Middlesboro)
  • H. Chambers (West Bromwich)
  • J. Collins (Swansea Town)
  • W. Cresswell (Everton)
  • Jim Dimmock (Spurs)
  • J. Elkes (Spurs)
  • J. Fort (Millwall)
  • Hugh Gallacher (Newcastle Utd.)
  • Vivian Gibbons (West Ham)
  • J. Gibson (Aston Villa)
  • A. Grimsdell (Spurs)
  • W. Hardy (Cardiff City)
  • J.H. Hill (Burnley & Newcastle United)
  • J.H. Hulme (Arsenal)
  • David Jack (Bolton Wanderers & Arsenal)
  • Alec. James (Preston North End)
  • Sam Jennings (Leeds United)
  • J. Johnson (Sheffield Utd.)
  • H. Jones (Blackburn Rovers)
  • P. McCloy (Manchester City)
  • D. McKinlay (Liverpool)
  • J. McMullen (Manchester City)
  • F. Morgan (Notts Forest)
  • D.H. Morris (Swindon)
  • Alan Morton (Glasgow Rangers)
  • E. O’Callaghan (Spurs)
  • Syd Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers)
  • Alf. Quantrill (Bradford)
  • J. Ruffell (West Ham)
  • Jimmy Seed (The Wednesday)
  • S. Seymour (Newcastle Utd.)
  • H. Skitt (Spurs)
  • T. Smart (Aston Villa)
  • W.H. Smith (Huddersfield)
  • J. Sykes (Swansea Town)
  • S. Wadsworth (Huddersfield & Bolton)
  • W. Walker (Aston Villa)
  • Charlie Wilson (Stoke)
  • G. Wilson (Nelson)
  • T. Yews (West Ham)
  • R. York (Aston Villa)

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