“Football Clubs: Series A (B&W gift offer)” (Comptons)

Year of issue: 1926
Issued by: Comptons Gravy Salt
Trade reference number(s): COM-430-1b / COV-1-5
Number of cards in set: 22
Size: standard (approx. 63mm x 35mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £25.00; FCCM £30.00

The rarest of all the Comptons series, there really seems to be no logic in the numbering. Of the cards that I have seen or know of, they appear to feature the SAME teams and cards as in the ‘D’ coloured series; the pictures are identical to those of that series other than being monochrome, being numbered to the front and having team colours written on in the absence of colour itself. They also bear the words “SEE OTHER SIDE” at the bottom. But they can’t simply be a re-print of that series because the numbering is different. They are almost certainly the First Division of 1926-27 but they are not numbered alphabetically and, until I see a few more from this series, it remains a puzzle to me.

The back of each card was the same and featured a gift offer which expired on 31st December 1926 which certainly helps to date them almost certainly to that year.

A offer back     Cardiff City     A3 Sheffield United offer     Huddersfield

Here are the cards that I KNOW exist in this series together with known numbers.

A.2  Cardiff City
A.3  Sheffield United
A.4  Blackburn Rovers
A.5  Everton
A.6  Liverpool
A.7  Bolton Wanderers
A.8  Manchester United
A.9  Huddersfield Town
A.10  Arsenal
A.11  West Bromwich Albion

I am still short of several images here – can YOU help, please?