“Famous Footer Internationals” (Triumph & Champion)

Year of issue: 1926
Issued by: “The Triumph” & “The Champion” (Amalgamated Press)
Trade reference number(s): AMA-150 / AMC-5
Number of cards in set: 24
Size: M (approx. 76mm x 50mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £5.25; FCCM £3.50

As the set title suggests, these twenty-four cards represented famous international footballers of late 1926 and they were issued concurrently between two different papers – “The Triumph” and “The Champion” – beginning on 25th September 1926. Oddly enough, although the cards are numbered, their releases was pretty much a ‘scatter-gun‘ type of thing going by the dates of issue.

Pym     Pym backTownrow     Townrow backWadsworth     Wadsworth backPuddefoot     Puddefoot backYork     York backGreen     Green backOsborne     Osborne backChambers     Chambers backFowler     Fowler backTitmuss     Titmuss backFarquharson     Farquharson backTunstall     Tunstall backRobb     Robb backMcMullan     McMullan backCresswell     Cresswell backGallacher     Gallacher backKeenor     Keenor backHutton     Hutton backMcStay     McStay backHarper     Harper backRussell     Russell backMackie     Mackie backMorton     Morton backBedford     Bedford back

1. R. Pym (Bolton Wanderers) – issued with Champion, dated 16th October
2. J. Townrow (Clapton Orient) – issued with Triumph, dated 13th November
3. S.J. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town) – issued with Triumph, dated 23rd October
4. S.C. Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers) – issued with Champion, dated 20th November
5. R.E. York (Aston Villa) – issued with Triumph, dated 25th September
6. G.H. Green (Sheffield United) – issued with Champion, dated 4th December
7. F. Osborne (Tottenham Hotspur) – issued with Champion, dated 2nd October
8. H. Chambers (Liverpool) – issued with Triumph, dated 11th December
9. J. Fowler (Swansea Town) – issued with Champion, dated 30th October
10. F. Titmuss (Plymouth Argyle) – issued with Triumph, dated 27th November
11. T. Farquharson (Cardiff City) – issued with Triumph, dated 6th November
12. F. Tunstall (Sheffield United) – issued with Triumph, dated 9th October
13. W.R. Robb (Glasgow Rangers) – issued with Champion, dated 13th November
14. J. McMullan (Manchester City) – issued with Champion, dated 11th December
15. W. Cresswell (Sunderland) – issued with Champion, dated 6th November
16. H. Gallacher (Newcastle United) – issued with Champion, dated 9th October
17. F. Keenor (Cardiff City) – issued with Triumph, dated 4th December
18. J. Hutton (Aberdeen) – issued with Triumph, dated 20th November
19. W. McStay (Glasgow Celtic) – issued with Champion, dated 25th September
20. W. Harper (Aberdeen) – issued with Triumph, dated 30th October
21. M. Russell (Plymouth Argyle) – issued with Triumph, dated 16th October
22. J.A. Mackie (Arsenal) – issued with Champion, dated 27th November
23. A.L. Morton (Glasgow Rangers) – issued with Triumph, dated 2nd October
24. H. Bedford (Derby County) – issued with Champion, dated 23rd October

I do not know any specific issue information for these cards.


And just for good measure, I also have this card.

Puddefoot autograph