“Famous Footballers Series” (Boys’ Magazine)

Year of issue: 1929
Issued by: “Boys’ Magazine” (E. Hulton & Co. Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): BOY-450 / BPM-3
Number of cards in set: 12
Size: standard (approx. 60mm x 35mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £6.00; FCCM £4.00

A set of twelve cigarette card sized cards issued at the tail end of 1929 and not too difficult to track down.

BOY-450 BPM-3 Jackson     BOY-450 BPM-3 Jackson back

BOY-450 BPM-3 James     boy-450-bpm-3 James back

BOY-450 BPM-3 McMullen     BOY-450 BPM-3 McMullan back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Wilson     BOY-450 BPM-3 Wilson back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Seddon     BOY-450 BPM-3 Seddon back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Johnson     boy-450-bpm-3 Johnson back

BOY-450 BPM-3 McIlwaine     BOY-450 BPM-3 McIlwaine back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Jackson J     boy-450-bpm-3 Jackson J back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Keenor     BOY-450 BPM-3 Keenor back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Earle     boy-450-bpm-3 Earle back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Walker     boy-450-bpm-3 Walker back

BOY-450 BPM-3 Muirhead     boy-450-bpm-3 Muirhead back

  1. Alec Jackson (Huddersfield Town F.C.) – issue #397, dated 12th October 1929
  2. Alec James (Arsenal) – isBOY-450 BPM-3 McMullan backsue #398, dated 19th October 1929
  3. James McMullan (Manchester City) – issue #399, dated 26th October 1929
  4. Andy Wilson (Chelsea) – issue #400, dated 2nd November 1929
  5. James Seddon (Bolton Wanderers) – issue #401, dated 9th November 1929
  6. Harry Johnson (Sheffield United) – issue #402, dated 16th November 1929
  7. James McIlwaine (Portsmouth) – issue #403, dated 23rd November 1929
  8. James Jackson (Liverpool F.C.) – issue #404, dated 30th November 1929
  9. Fred Keenor (Cardiff City) – issue #405, dated 7th December 1929
  10. S. Earle (West Ham United) – issue #406, dated 14th December 1929
  11. William Walker (Aston Villa) – issue #407, dated 21st December 1929
  12. Tommy Muirhead (Glasgow Rangers) – issue #408, dated 28th December 1929

The backs of several images here are of very poor quality – can you please help?