“Famous Figures” (Bunsen)

Year of issue: 1922
Issued by: Bunsen Confectionery Co.
Trade reference number(s): BUN-020 / BUN -1
Number of cards in set: 129
Size: standard, approximately 65mm x 40mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £17.50; FCCM £100.00

As you can see, there is a great disparity in perceived value between the two cataloguers above! This huge and exceedingly rare set also featured royalty, cricketers, boxers, athletes and jockeys but I am only concerned with the footballers (#600 through to the end of the set, #729). All cards had the same back and the footballers are almost exclusively London-based, the only exceptions that I can see being Puddefoot of Falkirk (although he had been a West Ham player) and O’Brien of Leicester City (previously of QPR).

Murray catalogue these cards as 1925 whilst Alan Jenkins has them as 1921, both of which I believe to be incorrect; using the two examples mentioned – O’Brien was at Leicester during 1922-24, whilst Puddefoot was at Falkirk between 1922 and 1925; my guess is that the set was prepared whilst the players were still in London and then released with last-minute alterations in late-1922. I haven’t seen either of the two cards used in my example, but I’d wager that both appear in their respective London club kits! 😉

NB In March 2021 Brentford fan and collector Paul Briers contacted me to let me know that card 649. Rosier (Brentford) was a hitherto unknown card, 649 previously being thought to be of Crawford (Millwall).

BUN-020 BUN-1 back     BUN-020 BUN-1 Wilding     BUN-020 BUN -1 Hendren     BUN-020 BUN -1 Watson     BUN-020 BUN -1 Cock     BUN-020 BUN -1 Morris     BUN-020 BUN -1 Connor     BUN-020 BUN -1 Bradshaw    BUN-020 BUN -1 McNiel     BUN-020 BUN -1 Middleboe     BUN-020 BUN -1 Baker     BUN-020 BUN -1 Walden     BUN-020 BUN -1 Howard Baker     BUN-020 BUN-1 John     BUN-020 BUN-1 Allen     BUN-020 BUN -1 Rosier     BUN-020 BUN-1 Haggan     BUN-020 BUN-1 Hampson     BUN-020 BUN -1 Roe     bun-020-bun-1-capper     BUN-020 BUN-1 Leafe     BUN-020 BUN -1 Clayson     BUN-020 BUN -1 Regan     BUN-020 BUN-1 Elliott     BUN-020 BUN-1 Robinson     BUN-020 BUN-1 Scott     BUN-020 BUN-1 Amos     BUN-020 BUN -1 Anstiss     BUN-020 BUN-1 Ruffell     BUN-020 BUN-1 Parker     BUN-020 BUN-1 Wright     BUN-020 BUN-1 Mulford     BUN-020 BUN -1 Irwin     BUN-020 BUN -1 Harry     BUN-020 BUN -1 Hand     BUN-020 BUN -1 Dreyer     BUN-020 BUN -1 Hodson     BUN-020 BUN-1 Tonner     BUN-020 BUN-1 Voysey     BUN-020 BUN -1 Graham

600. H. Wilding (Chelsea)
601. Patsy Hendren (Brentford)
602. V. Watson (West Ham United)
603. A.E. Hufton (West Ham United)
604. Donald Cock (Fulham)
605. Morris (Brentford)
606. J. Connor (Crystal Palace)
607. J.H. Harrow (Chelsea)
608. F. Bradshaw (Arsenal)
609. Williamson (Arsenal)
610. Hoddinott (Chelsea)
611. R. McNiel (sic) (Chelsea) – should be McNeil
612. Nils Middleboe (Chelsea)
613. H.T. Ford (Chelsea)
614. Jock Rutherford (Arsenal)
615. A. Baker (Arsenal)
616. Jimmy Croal (Fulham)
617. D. Shea (Fulham)
618. Andy Ducat (Fulham)
619. ‘Fanny’ Walden (Tottenham Hotspur)
620. W. Jacques (Tottenham Hotspur)
621. J. Birch (Queens Park Rangers)
621. J. Nicholls (Clapton Orient)
622. Bateman (Crystal Palace)
623. Nicholls (Clapton Orient)
624. B. Howard-Baker (Chelsea)
625. A.L. Kennedy (Arsenal)
626. J.H. Robson (Arsenal)
627. Andrew Young (Arsenal)
628. A.W. Jewett (Arsenal)
630. Puddefoot (Falkirk)
633. J. Riddell (Millwall)
635. R. John (Queens Park Rangers)
637. Cownley (Arsenal)
638. John (Arsenal)
639. Taylor (Millwall)
640. J. Young (West Ham United)
642. I. Molyneux (Chelsea)
643. J. Burnham (Queens Park Rangers)
644. Osmond (Clapton Orient)
645. W. Milne (Arsenal)
646. P.W. Allen (West Ham United)
647. C. Alton (Brentford)
648. G.W. Smith (Chelsea)
649. Rosier (Brentford)
650. J. Haggan (Brentford)
652. Hunter (Brentford)
653. T. Hampson (West Ham United)
655. A. Roe (Arsenal)
657. Hart (Millwall)
658. Capper (Brentford)
659. Hall (Queens Park Rangers)
660. J. Tonner (Clapton Orient)
663. A.R. Leafe (West Ham United)
665. W. Clayson (Brentford)
667. Morris (Brentford)
668. G. Kay (West Ham United)
669. H.S. Crowson (Millwall)
670. Turnbull (Arsenal)
671. Regan (Millwall)
672. T.W. Elliott (Brentford)
673. Pither (Millwall)
674. Marsden (Queens Park Rangers)
675. L. Robinson (West Ham United)
676. P. Scott (Brentford)
677. Marsh (Chelsea)
678. P. Duncan (Brentford)
683. A.H. Amos (Brentford)
684. S. Tonner (Clapton Orient)
685. H.A. Antiss (Millwall)
686. Young (Brentford)
687. J. Ruffell (West Ham United)
688. J.A. Mackie (Arsenal)
692. R. Parker (Brentford)
693. W. Inglis (Brentford)
694. E. Wright (Brentford)
696. S. Mulford (Brentford)
697. James (Brentford)
698. Stoll (sic) (Brentford) [Stott]
699. Cartwright (Crystal Palace)
700. G.W. Irwin (Crystal Palace)
701. A.E. Harry (Crystal Palace)
702. J. Whimbley (Crystal Palace)
703. W. Hand (Crystal Palace)
707. Dreyer (Crystal Palace)
708. G. Grant (Northfleet)
710. J. Hodson (Guildford United)
711. O’Brien (Leicester City)
712. T.C. Watts (Queens Park Rangers)
713. James Tonner (Clapton Orient)
714. C.R. Voysey (Arsenal)
715. A. Graham (Arsenal)
716. Whittaker (Arsenal)
717. Dunn (Arsenal)
720. Wood (Clapton Orient)
723. O. Williams (Clapton Orient)
724. George Bradbury (Clapton Orient)
727. Nicholson (Clapton Orient)
729. E. Gilliat (Clapton Orient)

Also… Crawford (Millwall) – number unknown

You can see the list – so far – of who else appears in this huge set on Alan Jenkins‘ website HERE.

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