“FA Cup Final Presentation Plate”

Year of issue: 1920
Issued by: All Sports Illustrated Weekly (Amalgamated Press Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): uncatalogued
Number in set: 1?
Size: 200mm x 256mm
Approximate value: Murrays – uncatalogued; FCCM – uncatalogued

Other than small ‘cut-outs’ from the magazine, this is the only free gift that I am aware of. It is dated the 24th April, 1920, the day of the FA Cup Final between Aston Villa and Huddersfield Town, although we can presume that it was published the following Friday, 30th April; if it was actually published on Cup Final Day then the pictures of Bullock and Ducat would have been from different matches as the two clubs had never faced each other before.

Villa won the game 2-0, and the plate shows Villa goalkeeper Sam Hardy and captain Andy Ducat, together with Huddersfield goalkeeper Sandy Mutch and captain Fred Bullock. Referee J.T. Howcroft is also represented as the two players look somewhat wistfully at the Cup (although in reality they were watching the coin toss!)

I have no catalogue value for this item; FCCM has sold one once before many years ago as I recall. I can confirm that these are exceedingly hard to find – I’ve seen one other on eBay – and mine cost around the £40 mark.

  1. Aston Villa vs Huddersfield Town, FA Cup Final, 1920