“English League (Div. 1) Footer Captains” (Triumph & Champion)

Year of issue: 1926
Issued by: “The Triumph” & “The Champion” (Amalgamated Press)
Trade reference number(s): AMA-130 / AMC-2
Number of cards in set: 22
Size: M (approx. 76mm x 50mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £4.25; FCCM £3.50

As the set title suggests, these twenty-two cards represented the Captains of all the First Division teams in early 1926 and they were issued simultaneously between two different papers – “The Triumph” and subsequently “The Champion” – beginning on 23rd January 1926. And just look at Frank Hudspeth, still playing and captain of Newcastle United, in his 38th year!

Hudspeth     Hudspeth backBarson     Barson backBuchan     Buchan backGillespie     Gillespie backSmith     Smith backBlair     Blair backMoss     Moss backKay     Kay backFlint     Flint backPringle     Pringle backParker     Parker backReed     Reed backStephenson     Stephenson backWomack     Womack backHart     Hart backStage     Stage backHealless     Healless backMackinlay     Mackinlay backDuncan     Duncan backHill     Hill backWainscoat     Wainscoat backGrimsdell     Grimsdell back

1. Frank Hudspeth (Newcastle United)
2. Frank Barson (Manchester United)
3. Charles Buchan (Arsenal)
4. William Gillespie (Sheffield United)
5. Joseph Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
6. James Blair (Cardiff City)
7. Frank Moss (Aston Villa)
8. George Kay (West Ham United)
9. William Flint (Notts County)
10. Charles Pringle (Manchester City)
11. Charles Parker (Sunderland)
12. Frank Reed (West Bromwich Albion)
13. Clement Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)
14. Frank Womack (Birmingham City)
15. Hunter Hart (Everton)
16. William Stage (Bury)
17. Harry Healless (Blackburn Rovers)
18. Donald Mackinlay (Liverpool)
19. John Duncan (Leicester City)
20. John Hill (Burnley)
21. William Wainscoat (Leeds United)
22. Arthur Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur)

I do not know any specific issue information for these cards.


And just for good measure, I also have this card…

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