“Football and Cricket Cards (Series 3)” (Battock)

Year of issue: 1925
Issued by: J.C. Battock
Trade reference number(s): BEV-1-2 / BAT-200
Number of cards in set: unknown (2 known)
Size: M (approx. 70mm x 57mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays unlisted; FCCM unlisted

Carl Wilkes has identified these as a third set dated 1925. They were significantly different – and better. The images were now full colour and much more interesting. Prices for these are usually well over £100.00.

BEV-1-2 BAT-200 1925 back   BEV-1-2 BAT-200 Arsenal COLOURED   BEV-1-2 BAT-200 Sunderland

Known cards in this set:

  • Arsenal
  • Sunderland

There was also a series around this time with blank backs which encouraged boys to colour them in and return them in exchange for proper cards.

BEV-1-2 BAT-200 1925 blank back   BEV-1-2 BAT-200 Luton COLOURED   BEV-1-2 BAT-200 Manchester Utd COLOURED

Known cards in this set:

  • Luton
  • Manchester United

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