“Coloured Studies of Famous Internationals” (Boys’ Magazine)

Year of issue: 1922-23
Issued by: “Boys’ Magazine” (E. Hulton & Co. Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): BOY-380 / BPM-1
Number of cards in set: 8
Size: M (approx. 68mm x 43mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £6.50; FCCM £6.00

Oddly, this series began at year’s end 1922 and then went on for a further seven weeks into the New Year. Despite the last card of the set declaring that there would be another card “next week” it’s clear that it wasn’t of a Famous International. The cards are unnumbered and are also devoid of any date information, but Alan Jenkins‘ website has provided the necessary information.

Hamill     Hamill backHarland     Harland backCringan     Cringan backBrooks     Brooks back     BOY-380 BPM-1 Chambers     BOY-380 BPM-1 Chambers back     Dawson     Dawson backBOY-380 BPM-1 York     BOY-380 BPM-1 York backBOY-380 BPM-1 Osborne     BOY-380 BPM-1 Osborne back

Mick Hamill (Manchester City) – issue #45, 30th December, 1922
Alfred Harland (Everton) – issue #46, 6th January, 1923
W. Cringan (Glasgow Celtic) – issue #47, 13th January, 1923
Sammy Brooks (Tottenham Hotspur) – issue #48, 20th January, 1923
H. Chambers (Liverpool) – issue #49, 27th January, 1923
J. Dawson (Burnley) – issue #50, 3rd February, 1923
R.S. Yorke (Aston Villa) – issue #51, 17th February, 1923
F.R. Osborne (Fulham) – issue #52, 24th February, 1923