“Coloured Photos of Star Footballers” (Adventure)

Year of issue: 1924
Issued by: “Adventure” (D.C. Thomson)
Trade reference number(s): THO-115 / THO-6
Number of cards in set: 12 (6 pairs cards)
Size: X (approx. 110mm x 85mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £8.00; FCCM £7.00 (pairs cards often double this)

Wrongly dated 1927 in Murray, these cards were more often than not cut down the middle and now appear mostly as singles. Complete pairs are notoriously hard to find nowadays and are very expensive. Some of the cards shown here are composite ones created from internet pictures; it should be fairly obvious which ones they are!

THO-115 THO-6 Butler & HadenTHO-115 THO-6 Butler & Haden backTHO-115 THO-6 Chadwick & McInroyTHO-115 THO-6 Chadwick & McInroy backGallagher & SpencerGallagher & Spencer backGibson & BeelGibson & Beel backTHO-115 THO-6 Cringan & LochheadTHO-115 THO-6 Cringan & Lochhead backMee & BrownMee & Brown back

  • W. Butler (Bolton Wanderers) & S. Haden (Arsenal) – issue #161, 11th October 1924
  • W. Chadwick (Everton) & A. McInroy (Sunderland) – issue #162, 18th October 1924
  • H. Gallacher (Airdrieonians) & J.L. Spencer (West Bromwich Albion) – issue #163,  25th October 1924
  • W.M. Gibson (Newcastle United) & G.W. Beel (Burnley) – issue #164, 1st November 1924
  • J. Cringan (Birmingham) & A.W. Lochhead (Manchester United) – issue #165, 8th November 1924
  • G.W. Mee (Blackpool) & G. Brown (Huddersfield Town) – issue #166, 15th November 1924

There is also at least one error card in this set. I have both a pair and a single featuring Huddersfield’s George Brown; on the back of the pair card he is wrongly named “J. Brown” whereas on the single he is simply named “Brown“. I have also seen evidence of a pairs card on the internet with just “Brown” so clearly there were two different printings. Because these were only ever printed once – for distribution on 15th November, 1924 – it is more than likely that someone spotted the error after a few cards has been printed, stopped the process, removed the “J.” from the printing block and continued.


One of these cards sold on 10th June 2021 for £1400! Carl Wilkes has informed me that his “rookie” pair card of Hughie Gallacher sold for that price from his Football Soccer Cards website; here’s the advert for it.1924 Adventure Gallacher £1400