“Football Sticky-Backs” (Wizard)

Year of issue: 1927
Issued by: D.C. Thomson (The Wizard)
Trade reference number(s): uncatalogued
Number of cards in set: 45 stickers on 4 sheets
Size: various sizes
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £ uncatalogued; FCCM £ uncatalogued

These are really rare little items. I have the Goodall sticker of Huddersfield but have never seen it anywhere else. It cost me £6.00 way back when, and given that it’s very small I’d guess that some of these are very expensive if and when you do find them.

WIZARD Football Sticky-Backs 1WIZARD Football Sticky-Backs 2WIZARD Football Sticky-Backs 3WIZARD Football Sticky-Backs 4

WIZARD Football Sticky-Backs advert

Once again, Alan Jenkins has done the donkey work in listing all of the images together with the dates on which the sheets were issued.
Sheet 1: issue no. 252,  dated 1 October, 1927
  • A. Dick (Hamilton Accies.)
  • R. McKay (Newcastle United)
  • A. Mercer (Sheffield United)
  • T. Cooper (Derby County)
  • J. Hanson  (Manchester United)
  • J. Hughes (Bury)
  • R. Rowley (Southampton)
  • J. Nelson (Cardiff City)
  • C. Wilson (Stoke)
  • J.A. Johnston (Hearts)
  • T. Mitchell (Leeds United)
  • W. Pease (Middlesbrough)
Sheet 2: issue no. 253,  dated 8 October, 1927
  • G. Waterfield (Burnley)
  • J. McGrory (Celtic)
  • J.W. Barrett (West Ham United)
  • J.H. Ramsey (Kilmarnock)
  • W. Dean (Everton)
  • A.L. Messer (Reading)
  • J. McIlwaine (Falkirk)
  • R.A. Edmed (Liverpool)
  • T. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion)
  • J. Oakley (Sunderland)
  • R. Goodall (Huddersfield Town)
Sheet 3: issue no. 254,  dated 15 October, 1927
  • A. James (Preston North End)
  • R. Bruce (Aberdeen)
  • E. O’Callaghan (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • E. Curtis (Cardiff City)
  • G. Gibson (Bolton Wanderers)
  • L. McBain (St. Johnstone)
  • J. Hulme (Arsenal)
  • R. McPhail (Glasgow Rangers)
  • S.E. Bowen (Aston Villa)
  • G. Briggs (Birmingham)
Sheet 4: issue no. 255,  dated 22 October, 1927
  • W. Cook (Dundee)
  • J. Crapnell (Airdrieonians)
  • T. Law (Chelsea)
  • T. Walsh (Bristol City)
  • J. Wilkinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
  • E. Linley (Notts Forest)
  • A. Rigby (Blackburn Rovers)
  • J. Bradley (Hibernians)
  • J. Jackson (Partick Thistle)
  • W. Deuchars (Raith Rovers)
  • McPherson (Swansea Town)
  • H. Adcock (Leicester City)