“Art Photos of Famous Footballers” (Boys’ Magazine)

Year of issue: 1922
Issued by: “Boys’ Magazine” (E. Hulton & Co. Ltd.)
Trade reference number(s): BOY-500 / BPM-7.3
Number of cards in set: 30 (in 10 strips)
Size: M (approx. 68mm x 45mm)
Approximate value (per card): Murrays £6.00; FCCM £4.00

These sepia cards were issued in strips of three on heavy duty paper but are nowadays usually found cut down to ‘singles’. They were unnumbered but Alan Jenkins has discovered the dates of issue below. The prices quoted above are for the individual cards; a complete strip would set you back much more than that. It’s interesting that the first four sheets all feature smaller portraits than the remainder; a distinct alteration in style there!

Walker Mutch RawlingsDimmock Cunningham BarnesCock French WoosnamKelly Wadsworth McDonaldMarshall Browell ClayWilson Ducat QuantrillMorton Hardy WadsworthSturgess Grimsdell GilchristFazackerley Ewart McCrackenBrittan Davies Mosscrop

There is also an error here; in strip #7 the final picture is not Sam Wadsworth but is in fact Billy Watson.

Sheet 1: Walker (Aston Villa), Mutch (Huddersfield Town), Rawlings (Southampton) – issue #25, dated 12th August
Sheet 2: Dimmock (Spurs), Barnes (Manchester City), Cunningham (Glasgow Rangers) – issue #26, dated 19th August
Sheet 3: Cock (Chelsea), French (Greenock Morton), Woosnam (Manchester City) – issue #27, dated 26th August
Sheet 4: Kelly (Burnley), Gilchrist (Glasgow Celtic), McDonald (Tottenham Hotspur) – issue #28, dated 2nd September
Sheet 5: Marshall (Middlesbrough), Browell (Manchester City), Clay (Spurs) – issue #29, dated 9th September
Sheet 6: Wilson (Middlesbrough), Ducat (Fulham), Quantrill (Preston North End) – issue #30, dated 16th September
Sheet 7: Morton (Glasgow Rangers), Hardy (Nottingham Forest), Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town) – issue #31, dated 23rd September
Sheet 8: Sturgess (Sheffield United), Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur), Gilchrist (Celtic) – issue #32, dated 30th September
Sheet 9: Fazackerley (Everton), Ewart (Bradford City), McCracken (Newcastle United) – issue #33, dated 7th October
Sheet 10: Brittan (Cardiff City), Davies (West Bromwich Albion), Mosscrop (Burnley) – issue #34, dated 14th October