UPDATE: Roche ‘Famous Footballers’ bonanza!

ROC-030 ROM-1 SmithI have just uploaded images of a further eight cards thanks to eBay. Unfortunately the thoughtless vendor – 😉 – has put up slightly blurred backs to the cards so the text can be difficult to read, but beggars can’t be choosers. The new additions are: York (Aston Villa), Smith (Bolton Wanderers), Kelly (Sunderland), Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers), Rutherford (Clapton Orient), Cresswell (Sunderland), Graham (Millwall) and Hart (Everton).

I have also replaced one or two poorer images with better ones and also several missing backs – notably Dean and Gallacher – from this same source. 🙂

I now have 44/50 of these cards illustrated although it has to be said that some are rather poor images.

PS The Dixie Dean card is there to buy on eBay too… if you have a spare £299.00 to part with… 🤑😵💰💰💰


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