UPDATE: Lots of additions/upgrades

BAR-170 BuchanOver the past week or so I have managed to upgrade/add many more cards to this site. Spread across several sets I have added two, or three new/better images per set or, in the case of the Barratt set, twenty-one! Anyway, updated sets include: Battock’s “Cricket & Football Cards”; Comptons “Football Clubs”; Barratt’s “Cricketers, Footballers & Football Teams” (including the Dick Kerr Ladies and Manchester United team cards!); Lovell’s and also Tuckett’s “Photo’s of Football Stars”; Adventure & Vanguard “Football Photos”; Crescent’s various series; Sports Fun “Sportsmen”; Nelson Lee “Footballers” (1921); and finally, the Thomson/Wizard “Footballers & Racing Motors medallions”.

Just try clicking the links and seeing if you can spot the new stuff. 🙂


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