UPDATE: Rover “This Year’s Top-Form Footballers” added

DeanThe latest collection to be added is the 1927 set of twenty-four sepia coloured cards. Featuring Everton’s Dixie Dean and two Huddersfield Town players, you can see the full set and the backs by clicking the image here.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Rover “This Year’s Top-Form Footballers” added”

  1. Roger – interesting site but be even better if you can click on cards to enlarge or use one of those things like  on eBay that magnifies as you put your arrow over the picture ` as the text on back of the  cards tricky to read! Just a thought
    Cheers Rob


    1. I know exactly what you mean Rob, but this website doesn’t support that kind of fancy ‘extra’. It’s a free site which is basically pared down to the bone. In an ideal world I wanted a system which would allow enlargement and also the ability to click a card to ‘flip’ it and see the back. Not possible, I’m afraid.
      And… Cards are already 50% larger than their original size as I knew that legibility of text was going to be an issue, but it’s the best that I can do.
      Sorry, mate! 😦


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