“100 Best Players Photo Album”

Year of issue: 1926
Issued by: The Rover (D.C. Thomson)
Trade reference number(s): THO-91
Number of cards in set: 108 pictures, 32 pages
Size: approximately 110mm x 77mm
Approximate value (per card): Murrays – uncatalogued; FCCM – uncatalogued

This small 32 page booklet was issued with #235 of The Rover, dated 16 October, 1926 and is very rare indeed as it is more often than not cut up and sold as either individual players or pages. This cost me £10.59 in January 2021 but you’ll be lucky to find one nowadays.1926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 11926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 21926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 31926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 41926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 51926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 61926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 71926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 81926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 91926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 101926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 111926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 121926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 131926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 141926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 151926 ROVER THO-91 100 Best Players 16

The Men Who Got The Goals
E. Harper (Blackburn Rovers)
J. Cookson (Chesterfield)
W. Devlin (Huddersfield Town)
A Skinner (Dunfermline Athletic)

Young Stars Worth Watching
W. Baggett (Bolton Wanderers)
J. Steel (Burnley)
T. Craig (Glasgow Rangers)
G. Green (Sheffield United)

Lusty Kickers & Dour Defenders
J. Hutton (Aberdeen)
C. McCormack (Hamilton Academicals)
T. Mort (Aston Villa)
E. England (Sunderland)

Three First Rate Forwards
T. Mitchell (Blackburn Rovers)
J. Hanson (Manchester United)
G. Hodgson (Liverpool)

Brothers On and Off the Field
J. Reid (New Brighton)
J. McStay (Glasgow Celtic)
W. McStay (Glasgow Celtic)
M. Reid (New Brighton)
R. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
D. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)

The Pick of the Young Backs
W. Felton (Sheffield Wednesday)
H. Cawthorne (Huddersfield Town)
A. Fishwick (Blackpool)

New Men in New Teams
W. Cowan (Manchester City)
T. Roberts (Preston North End)
J. Hills (Swansea Town)
N. McBain (St. Johnstone)

‘Nationalists of Renown
W. Gillespie (Ireland)
W. Walker (England)
F. Keenor (Wales)
Alan Morton (Scotland)

How’s This for a Class Forward Line
R. York (Aston Villa)
J. Ruffell (West Ham United)
S. Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers)
H. Gallacher (Newcastle United)
A. Cunningham (Glasgow Rangers)

The Men who Guard the Sticks
R. Pym (Bolton Wanderers)
A. Grey (Oldham Athletic)
W. Harper (Arsenal)
J. Alderson (Sheffield United)

The Sports
Bromilow / Forshaw (Liverpool)
Moffat / Thomson (Hamilton Academicals)
McDonald / Kennedy / Bain (Everton)

Watch Them this Year
E. Hine (Leicester City)
W. Letham (Cowdenbeath)
T. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion)
C. Mathews (Bury)

Three Famous Scots in Preston’s XI
A. James (Preston North End)
D. Morris (Preston North End)
W. Russell (Preston North End)

A Gallery of Good ‘Uns
M. Hooper (Darlington)
O. Williams (Middlesbrough)
H. Bedford (Derby County)
W. Paterson (Dundee United)
J. Sullivan (Notts County)
R. McPhail (Airdrie)

Centres Who Can Shoot
D. Halliday (Sunderland)
F. Roberts (Manchester City)
J. Brain (The Arsenal)

Caught by the Camera
Amos / Davies / Humpish / Marston (Bury)
Wilson / Hudspeth / Seymour (Newcastle United)
Connolly / McStay / Hilley / Hughes (Celtic)

Stars from the North South East & West
M. Cosgrove (Aberdeen)
W.E. Rawlings (Southampton)
J. Carmichael (Grimsby Town)
J. Martin (Bristol City)

Three Class Mid-Line Men
R. Bennie (Airdrieonians)
G. Kay (West Ham United)
J. Johnstone (Aston Villa)

Four of the Best in Four Teams of the Best
W. Butler (Bolton Wanderers)
W. Summers (St. Mirren)
F. Goodall (Huddersfield Town)
A. McLean (Glasgow Celtic)

And They’re all called Smith
Tom Smith (Manchester United)
W.H. Smith (Huddersfield Town)
J.R. Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
Joe Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
A.W. Smith (Huddersfield Town)

Three Big Blokes
W. Rankine (Dundee United)
J. Hills (Burnley)
C. Buchan (Arsenal)

The Brains of the Attack
H. Barnes (Oldham Athletic)
J. Crosbie (Birmingham)
A. Thomson (Glasgow Celtic)
A. Thompson (Tottenham Hotspur)

Wingers Who Can Move Some
R. Ferrier (Motherwell)
A. Jackson (Huddersfield Town)
W. Death (Sunderland)
J. Crawford (Queens Park)
G. McLachlan (Cardiff City)

They’re Terrors for their Size
Alec Troup (Everton)
T. Magee (West Bromwich Albion)
J. McMullan (Manchester City)

Goalie, Right Back and Left Back
W. Wilson (Newcastle United)
T. Scott (Falkirk)
H. Jones (Blackburn Rovers)

Right, Centre and Left Half
J. McNabb (Liverpool)
J. McDougall (Airdrieonians)
W. Edwards (Leeds United)

And a Whole Forward Line
J. Prior (Sunderland)
J. Dunn (Hibernian)
R. Forshaw (Liverpool)
F. Tunstall (Sheffield United)
J. Elkes (Tottenham Hotspur)

Last but not Least
F. McClelland (Middlesbrough)
A. Johnson (Barnsley)
G. Hicks (Manchester City)